Creating a decentralized digital video economy


TV, movie and video industry have been using same business models for over 50 years,
and now it is ripe for transformations

Our vision is a decentralized digital video economy (a.k.a TV 3.0)
based on three principles:


Direct link between content and viewers. People involved in all stages of video lifecycle.


No technology barriers and restrictions. Open-source software, standards-based solutions and open protocols.


Effecient, market-based, transparent, and accountable.

In order to achieve our vision, we transform all parts of the video value chain, creating a set of interconnected liquid markets and applying known economical models and advanced technology.


Goal: Create a liquid asset market by tokenizing future and existing creative works

Why? Allow creators fund their work and get liquidity; allow investors and fellow enthusiasts to contribute to creative process

How? By tokenizing content using ERC20-compliant Ethereum smart contracts (blockchain), opening primary and secondary investment market opportunities

Goal: Make movie / show making process transparent (video = git project), interactive and accountable. Create from the scratch or use existing works.

Why? Allow investors and public to monitor the progress, allows audiences to discover content ahead of the launch date.

How? Through combination of P2P storage with versioning (git) and immutable history (blockchain), transparent sourcing, attribution and payments (blockchain)

Goal: Create a direct, transparent and fair channel for movie / show monetization

Why? Allow people to access content and pay the fair price; allows creators and investors get proceeds in real time

How? By assigning various license smart contracts to the main content contract with transparent money flows

Goal: Create a decentralized, distributed and efficient infrastructure for content processing, storage and delivery

Why? Allow content owners to cut the costs; allows people to get content quickly and earn rewards for participation

How? By sing P2P storage and networking plus role-based economy to achieve productive equillibrium

Goal Create decentralized, permanent, deduplicated source of data and knowledge about content and people involved

Why? Allow single source of truth verified by a consensus

How? By using crowdsourcing model with role-based motivation to create global versioned metadata vault

Goal: Create effective community-powered marketing channel

Why? Allow people and content find each other

How? By providing auto-enforceable incentive motivation for people using their social connections to spread the word


Zeen TV 3.0 vision is being implemented using a stack of open-source, bleeding-edge protocols and software components.

Digital video and TV knowledge graph

One of the major roadblocks towards having a global and transparent digital video and TV industry is the lack of an single source of truth for content attribution and description. There is no single source where content itself, its metadata and copyright statements are verified, stored. Lack of such universal repository leads to excessive, duplicate efforts, inefficiencies, errors, etc. There are services like imdb, wikidata and others, however they are either privately managed, or incomplete.

One of TV 3.0 vision cornerstones is a world-wide repository of cross-linked industry, a knowledge graph. First draft of such a knowledge graph powers Zeen TV Guide app; obviously it's managed by Zeen and is not open-sourced yet. Our goal is to make technology available in 2018, when it will be ready for decentralized operation.

Decentralized content delivery network

Currently, storing and processing of digital video content is one of the least efficiently solved tasks. Just think about how many times each video has been copied, processed, stored, transmitted before it reaches the end user. Each of the video distribution platform uses its own storage systems and uses one of the global content delivery networks (CDN) providers, or build its own CDN.

The idea of using a mesh network of computers with peer-to-peer connections serving as a decentralized CDN is not new. Zeen is developing a truly decentralized CDN market based on IPFS protocol, where nodes will be able to earn incentives for storage and delivery of video files.

Copyrights attribution and protection layer

Zeen totally respects intellectual property rights and is fully committed to work alongside the content rights owners to help them maximize value of content by maintaining transparent content attribution and distributing content in a secure way. At the same time we are truly obsessed to provide the best possible user experience and want to make enjoyment of digital video to be totally frictionless. Our hand-crafted technology is being developed to serve as a win-win solution for both parties.

Having done lots of research in this space, we've decided to take Coala IP specifications (which, in turn is based on widely accepted data model, emerging linked data protocol and other open-sourced specs) as a basis for knowledge graph data model. Since this an area of constant R&D efforts of many parties, we're open to and are actively seeking for collaboration, ideas and feedback.

As a result of these efforts and our contribution, we envision a truly open, completely decentralized service contributed to by people and entities (studios, networks), and being governed by a consensus-based protocol best suited for such use case.

Blockchain-based content distribution

Every content creator, blogger, enthusiast making a living out of digital video is dreaming of being able to earn 1 cent, 10 cents, or a dollar per each view, instead of 0.1 cent being paid by YouTube, while enjoying the same direct to consumer experience and global reach? Zeen does exactly that, providing a decentralized platform for secure video distribution and monetization. Built on top of Ethereum, the leading blockchain platform with smart contracts, Zeen makes is possible for any video content owner to set up a robust and flexible direct licensing mechanism and start earning money right away!

Ethereum smart contracts make sure that every payment is instantly distributed to a content owner. Blockchain keeps track of all the transactions. And thanks to completely standards-based code, a video can be played in any of the major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Real-time content discovery

Powered with billions of mobile devices and computers, we live in a true real-time world, where something is happening every moment, all the time. Borders between different types of media like TV, social networks, blogs, news publishers are blurred, and soon will disappear. TV 3.0 doesn't stop when movie or show ends, it keeps track on how relationships between people and content are evolving in real time.

Based on static knowledge graph links, our real-time content discovery service monitors internet media and augments static data with real-time information about people and content, making content more discoverable and more relevant.

Interested in partnership / technology collaboration? Please do get in touch!


Current suite of consumer products by Zeen includes a TV Guide app, and a test version of decentralized content distribution platform. We are truly obsessed with UX and customer loyalty and try to make our products super-easy and delightful. At the same time we encourage other developers and designers create their products based on Zeen technology and open protocol stack, as they become available.

Decentralized content distribution service

Test version of the service is based on Ethereum testnet blockchain.

It features browser-based standards compliant video player, capable of playing protected videos.

TV Guide app and web service

Having launched in US, Canada and UK over 2016-2017, TV Guide by Zeen features a fast growing loyal audience of true movie lovers, trend-trackers and casual content discoverers.

In May 2017 TV Guide by Zeen was featured by Apple in US and Canada in New Apps We Love and Entertainment categories.


Interested in partnership / technology collaboration? Please do get in touch!

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